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for educators by educators completely customizable customer support
Meet. Exceed. Redefine.
Dadavan, a leader in educational software, has developed the perfect tool to meet the ever-growing needs of the present day school system.
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Introducing Outcomes
Our completely customizable product created for both First Nations & Public Schools.
Let us meet your needs.
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"They are always willing to go that extra mile to make sure all users feel comfortable and they are patient and easy going in their method of communication". J.P. Director of Education

"Our calls are not only answered immediately, but are answered by knowledgeable, friendly support people". P.M. Resource Teacher

"They have worked collaboratively with us to develop and customize modules to meet our data management and reporting requirements". J.P. Director of Education

"They have always been very professional and accommodating in dealing with problems or changes to suit our evolving needs as a unique educational system". M.G. Conseiller en intégration des technologies

"The training and support offered by the Dadavan organization is exceptional". J.P. Director of Education

"Outcomes is also spoken highly as a indispensable tool by both teachers and administrators". M.G. Conseiller en intégration des technologies