Dadavan Diaries: Fashion Faux Pas

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I’m not going to lie to you.   Some of us dress better than others here at the office. Bilal is the most stylish with Justin in a close second. Chris, well Chris is more of a shorts and t-shirt kind of guy. But the women, with the exception of stylish Dale, leave something to be desired.

For example, they review the calendar daily and make clothing choices based on whether there are any meetings at the office or not. If the coast is clear it’s comfy clothes all the way.

There have definitely been some fashion mishaps there at the office over the years.   Let’s look at the top 4:

  1. The Dadavan blazers. We thought we were cool getting our logo on blazers instead of golf shirts. In case you were wondering, this is not cool. The are forever hidden in our closet.
  2. Jenny forgetting her glasses and having to wear prescription sunglasses all day. Corey Hart has nothing on her!
  3. Anna wearing her ‘MC hammer’ jogging pants. Did you know they even still made hammer pants?
  4. Jenny ‘accidentally’ wore her crocs to work. With the amount of ridicule she endured that mistake won’t be made anytime soon.

Yes, fashion may not be our strength. But we make up for our shortcomings with personality… or at least that’s what we tell ourselves!

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