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When data tells a story, engaged students and communities achieve their best potential Outcomes. We help our clients track data and transform it into insights that inform meaningful planning and decision making. Outcomes performs beyond a typical student information system package to meet the unique needs of indigenous communities, rural and remote schools, independent schools, and educators that are looking for a solution customizable to their needs.

Outcomes: tools for educational success.

Why Outcomes SIS?

A uniquely customizable suite designed for maximizing educational outcomes. Includes products: Outcomes, ACT and PSE+

­Compiling reports, viewing trends, and making informed decisions based on real data, has never been easier using our customizable student data management system. The Outcomes Suite has been designed with a life-long learner philosophy, providing a platform to track student data from when they first enter daycare, through to high school graduation and on to post-secondary studies.

­­Our student information systems are constantly evolving through collaborative customization with our client partners – meaning much of our product development is guided directly by our clients.

With Outcomes, you are in control of your data. Our permission-based features give you the power to control and manage access. Use our reliable, safe, and secure site or host your database on your own server – we understand the importance of data ownership and privacy.

Teachers and administrators are never alone. While our products are very easy to use, Dadavan is well known for the quality of its training and ongoing support. We’re with you every step of the way.

Outcomes is designed to easily translate into other languages.


The student information system with unmatched intuitive customization

Schools and communities can use their own data on academics, behaviour, attendance and student demographics to support children and youth in achieving their best “Outcomes”. Outcomes is one centralized database that houses data on academics, behaviour, attendance, and student demographics no matter where your schools are located. And while we offer all the usual Student Information System (SIS) functions, like taking attendance and writing report cards, it’s our customization abilities that really set us apart.


Student Database

Demographic information ready at your fingertips! Schedules, guardian information, medical details – it’s all accessible at a glance.

External Reporting

Reports to government agencies (such as INAC) can be created efficiently and accurately for easy export and submission. We customize reporting.


Outcomes is faster than paper! Teachers can track, report attendance, and receive alerts when a student has missed too many classes.

Report Cards

Our easy-­to-­use report cards contain lots of time­saving features like comment banks, automatic pronoun adjustment, and global comments.

Parent/Student Access

Information from attendance records, marks, homework, graduation status, and more any time they want.

Special Education

Handy, built-in tools for individual education plans, behaviour plans, adaptation documents, support schedules, and more.


A focus for all schools, Outcomes has many Literacy and Numeracy initiatives including housing data from several standardized assessments as well as culturally relevant education.

Health and Fitness

Assessments can be created and administered throughout the year to understand each student’s fitness level and track progress.

Student Retention

This module focuses on improving student retention rates, by ensuring that struggling students don’t fall through the cracks.

Teacher Planner

For daily and long range planning, teachers will love the electronic teacher planner.

File Manager

Our ‘filing cabinet’ is an easy way to store and share files with teachers in your school.

Behaviour Management

Issues can be easily entered by any teacher. Administration is then notified immediately via one of our smart contact points.

Mark Book

Save time using our mark book. Enter and organize all your student marks, pushing them directly to the report.

Graduation Eligibility

Administrators can easily set up graduation rules, keep track of their students’ credits and monitor their eligibility to graduate.

Flexible Scheduling

Build your school year in blocks or semesters around seasonal activities.

Recording Life Lessons

Attendance records provide options to take fishing and hunting activities into account.

Mobile Friendly

Easily perform daily functions and view records on your phone or tablet


A valuable connection between home, school, and community.

Communities with a vested interest in the educational welfare of their students do not always have the information they need to ACT. ACT is community-owned database designed to help indigenous communities support their students attending off-reserve public, private or alternative schools.

ACT stores data such as attendance, courses taken, marks achieved, graduation and retention rates, literacy and numeracy scores and more. This data can be used by your community to set education goals, develop student support programs, and empower your community to be a strong and supportive voice in your children’s education.

An abundance of time saving reports are at your finger tips including retention, attendance, post secondary readiness and graduation rates.


Post-secondary education data collection and insights

Learning continues beyond grade 12 and so does data collection. Designed to meet the needs of Indigenous communities, PSE+ is a data management tool that enables communities to keep track of their students enrolled in post-secondary education (such as trade school, college and university).

Record details concerning each student’s education, such as the degree/certificate, courses completed, marks, credits as well as financial assistance.

Collect advanced educational information, empowering your community to set, track, and better support your students.

Easily generate reports for government departments like Indigenous and Northern Affairs Canada.

Create a plan for the ongoing development of and investment in the training and education of community members.

Student Data Consulting

We take great pleasure in planning and building our own products from the ground up, and along the way we’ve found that our comprehensive approach is beneficial to our partners as well. That is why we also offer our consulting services to help guide and build software for your community or organization.
Need a data collection system that will benefit your community? Let us help assess your idea.
Need help understanding your data? We are happy to analyze it for you.
Ready to have a customized database created to fit your needs? We can develop it for you.
Does your technology need an update? We can conduct a review of your existing systems and make recommendations to make your everyday experience and productivity easier.

Support and customer service is one aspect of our company that we are particularly proud of. See what our customers say about us.

For the past 10 years we have used Dadavan’s SIS to monitor and analyze our students’ educational paths, and we have seen our student success increases significantly over that time. We are proud to say that our graduation rate of 87.7 percent is one of the highest for First Nation schools in the country. Dadavan’s willingness to customize our SIS has helped us in achieving our educational goals.
E. Bernard
Executive Director
Mi’kmaw Kina’matnewey
It wasn’t easy for our schools to make the transition to a Student Information System. But Dadavan puts a human face to the SIS technology. They have been there for us every step of the way with the service and support — and Outcomes makes the task of running the schools so much easier that our staff have more time for what is really important– helping our students succeed.
L. Cox
3 Nations Education Group Inc.

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