Indigenous Partnerships

A History of Trust and Respect

Since 2001, Dadavan has worked collaboratively with Indigenous communities across Canada. Our client communities can be found throughout seven provinces.

Every community we work with becomes much more than just a customer – they become our partner. And as we continue to listen to and become inspired by our clients, we will continue to develop more great software tools in education, culture, and health, to support their success. Our team is grateful for the trust our clients place in us and continually strive to maintain high standards of accountability, positive social impacts and environmental responsibility. Dadavan is proudly B Corp certified as a demonstration of our commitment to ethical business.

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Products designed for Indigenous Communities

Outcomes Education Suite: Outcomes, ACT, and PSE+

Education Management for Indigenous Communities

Outcomes is the number one student information management tool for Indigenous schools in Canada. Our Education Suite has been designed with a life-long learner philosophy providing a platform to track student data from when they first enter daycare, through to high school graduation and on to post-secondary studies.

Much more than what you probably expect from student management software, Outcomes, ACT and PSE+ have been developed in collaboration with our Indigenous partners, incorporating extra built-in features that meet the needs of communities both on and off reserve. We work with each partner to see their educational visions and work step-by-step to customize Outcomes with the features and reports needed to reach long-term educational data management goals.

We respect your data ownership. (Your data. Your Outcomes.) Our permission-based systems put you in control of access while enabling you to host your database with us or on your own server. Either way, Dadavan’s products and policies support the security and privacy of your students and employees. Required to report to government? Outcomes, ACT and PSE+ make it easy to generate reports (such as nominal roll) and export data for submissions.

Even the most technically-shy teachers and administrators can easily start using our feature-rich systems…but they will not be alone. Dadavan is widely recognized for the quality of its training and ongoing support, and we’ll be there every step of the way.

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Cultural Codex

Language and cultural heritage preservation and sharing tool

Cultural Codex has not been publicly released, but we are ready to work with Indigenous communities on a very special initiative.

Over the past few years, we have listened to the concerns of our client partners –language, customs, beliefs, and practices are vanishing at an alarming rate. Our team has developed a strategy, using our newest product, Cultural Codex, to crowdsource, preserve and share Indigenous language and culture through the collection and creation of digital images, videos, sound and text. If you are interested in learning more about Cultural Codex and our language preservation projects, we would like to hear from you.

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Room to Grow

We are working on some exciting new products!

Our team has been working collaboratively with communities in workforce/employment, healthcare (spiritual support, suicide prevention, chronic health conditions, addictions, mental health, etc.), and asset management. Get in touch about project ideas for your community!
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