Dadavan Diaries: Would you like a glass of milk?

By admin -

We often say that the Dadavan office feels like a home. It just has that warm and inviting feel to it. Well, Anna took the homey feel to the next level not too long ago.

We were expecting the CEO of a potential customer. We had recently launched our new software, Codex, and we were so excited to have our first real sales meeting. We were all set to go. We had the tea and coffee made, a top-notch presentation perfected, nothing was going to throw us off.

When the CEO arrived, Anna who always steps up and acts as the hostess, asked if he’d like tea or coffee, and… you’d think she’d stop there. Nope. Instead she also offered him a glass of milk. Like she was speaking to her seven-year-old son. It’s not often you see Anna flustered but on this day her face went red and after a brief pause, we all burst out laughing.

We couldn’t have asked for a better icebreaker, or first customer. Yes, Troy had a chuckle, we got on with our meeting and we are happy to say South Shore Public Libraries became our first client. Thanks Troy for trusting us to help bring your community’s digital stories to life!

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