Dadavan Diaries: The Kitchen Fairy

By admin -

I don’t know what would happen if we didn’t have Dale. Actually, I can tell you what would happen. The Dadavan kitchen would be vile place to go. The water filter would never get changed, the coffee machine would never be thoroughly cleaned, and the fridge would be filled with old, disgusting, rotting food.

Dale has taken to providing group demonstration and conducting interventions as of late. For instance, did you know that there is more than one cutlery slot in the dishwasher? Well we got that reminder just last week with us all crowding around the dishwasher for a Dale lecture. Or perhaps you were wondering the timeframe with which a frying pan should be cleaned after being used? That would be one hour. Just in case you wanted to know that.

These valuable lessons are brought with love (and maybe a touch of force). But we are all better of for it.

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